The answer to these and other burning questions is that Santa Claus, as we know him today, is not a well-established tradition. In fact, the person who popularized Santa Claus in the early 20th century may not have been entirely aware of what he was doing. In an interview with Time magazine in 1950, Dutch chocolate manufacturer Peter Stuyvesant (1889-1970) confessed that he had invented the traditional image of Father Christmas. “I didn’t think of it,” he said. “I simply put two things together.”

He claimed credit for first inventing Santa as we know him today – a jolly old man in red who visits children on Christmas Eve and gives them expensive gifts – which was already being done by other European manufacturers. However, many people have wondered how such a simple idea could have taken decades to develop. Did Coca Cola really make Santa red? And did Santa ever wear riding pants? Let’s explore these questions and more in this article…

What is the History of Santa Claus?

The history of Santa Claus is filled with mystery, intrigue and a whole lot of chocolatiers. You can begin with this very question. The Santa Claus myth traces its roots back to early Christian times. According to folklore, Saint Nicholas was a 4th century Bishop of Constantinople who is said to have brought gifts to poor children every year on December 6th. In the 4th century, the Church honored this saint with the title of ‘Father Christmas’. The first recorded use of Santa in Australia was in 1835. According to legend, the first introduction of the modern Santa Claus to the continent came two years later, when Governor Macleay of New South Wales sent presents to the settlers on the ship St. Paul.

Did coca cola make Santa red?

In 1920 Santa Claus appeared for the first time in a Coca-Cola advertisement published in the newspapers ‘The Saturday’ ‘Evening Post’. Serious in appearance, this Santa Claus was created by illustrator Thomas Nast, and for a few years Coca-Cola used different designs of this character developed by other illustrators in its advertising.

However, Santa Claus as we all know him today was born in 1931, commissioned by the Coca-Cola advertising agency to cartoonist Haddon Sundblom. The goal was to create a character halfway between the symbolic and the real, the personification of the Christmas spirit and the happiness of Coca-Cola. To do this, the illustrator was inspired by the poem ‘A Visit From St. Nicholas’ by Clement Clark Moore.

The belief that the red and white color of Santa Claus has its origin in the advertisements that the Coca-Cola brand began to make from 1931 is just an urban legend, although it is true that they contributed to the popularization of these colors and of the myth itself.

What colour was Santa before red?

Some researchers have even gone so far as to suggest that the colour of Father Christmas may have been green. However, there is no hard scientific evidence to back this up. In fact, researchers have been unable to demonstrate any definite link between the colour of a person and their genetic makeup. However, there is one thing scientists do agree on – Santa’s origins are not as traditional as we might like them to be. In his early years, he was a jolly old man in red, not a dark-suited and booted legend we know and love today. In fact, the costume change was a huge publicity move that spared the company a great deal of heartache.

Why did santa change from green to red?

The ‘why’ behind Santa’s colour change is perhaps the most fascinating aspect of the whole story. In an interview with USA Today, Stuyvesant said that he simply changed Santa’s colour to match the political climate at the time. “I think that’s what made it more acceptable,” Stuyvesant said. “It was not a significant change. It affected how people felt about it, but it didn’t determine what colour Santa was going to be.”


Regardless of whether you believe that Coca-Cola or someone else invented Santa, the important thing is that he has been around for a long time – and he always will be. Despite what you may have heard, Father Christmas is a real person who visits children across the world on Christmas Eve. And even though he may not be wearing a red suit, a papier-mâché head or a sledge-hammer, he is always ready to bring gifts to all the children in the world.

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