Potato salad is one of the simplest and most comforting classic side dishes. It makes for a great addition to any meal, but it’s especially good on a cold winter day. Peeled, cubed potatoes are tossed with mayonnaise, hard-boiled eggs, celery, green onions and a vinaigrette. The result is an unassuming side dish that will leave you wondering why you didn’t make this sooner.

Although potato salads aren’t exactly original, they do have a few tricks up their sleeves: They are very simple to make and they are packed with vegetables. There are many different potato salad recipes out there that you can find in our recipe archive (check back soon to see what we’ve got). However, the best potato salads rely on a couple of simple principles. Let’s take a look at why your favorite potato salad recipes need to be updated or replaced altogether!

What is the Best Potato Salad?

There is no such thing as the best potato salad ever made, and that’s okay. The best potato salad is the one that you love the most. Some people like their potato salads with a lot of mayo while others prefer a more vinegary flavor with the mayo replaced with cool relish. There’s no wrong way to make potato salad, just different ways to make it better.

How to make the best potato salad?

There are many different ways to make potato salad. The trick is to use ingredients that work well together. You can also try using different spices or using a potato salad recipe that calls for sour cream. Try adding new ingredients like pickles, chives, cheddar cheese, bacon or scallions to make your potato salad stand out from the crowd.

Best potatoes for potato salad

There are many different types of potatoes available, so it’s hard to choose just one for best potato salad. We suggest you try your best to use the same type of potato in every potato salad recipe so that you can get the most out of your potato salad.

We like to use Yukon Gold potatoes because they are bred to be both big and fluffy. They have plenty of starch so they hold up well in salad and are super easy to peel. The other main type of potato that works well in potato salad is the Idaho. They are also called butter potatoes because they are good for making creamed soups. You can also use russets if you like your potatoes a little bit harder.

Best potatoes for german potato salad

The German potato salad is nothing but potatoes, raw eggs, pickles, mayonnaise and mustard. Sounds like a party in a bowl to us! There are many different types of potato salad recipes you can make with this type of potato. It’s a classic that can be found in almost every german home. Try adding new ingredients like dill, crème fraiche, coleslaw or even potato pâté to make your potato salad stand out from the crowd.

Best boiled potatoes for potato salad

Boil the potatoes for about 15 minutes until they are soft. They will taste better if you let them stand for a bit before eating. If you are not a fan of mayo, you can try adding sour cream or Creamy Dill Pickle Vinaigrette to make it more like a potato salad instead of a mayo-based recipe.

Potato salad recipes with baking soda

If you are looking for a potato salad recipe with a little bit of kick, look no further. Baking soda is a great agent for making your potato salad more exciting. We are all guilty of using it too much in our day to day activities without even realizing it. Baking soda is a natural ingredient that you probably already have lying around the house. It is used to make baking taste better by raising the pH level in food.

With that in mind, how can you make your potato salad better by raising the pH level? Here’s one method: Place your potatoes in a large bowl and sprinkle them with sodium bicarbonate. Leave them alone for about 24 hours. In the meantime, add sugar, vinegar or lemon to make your potato salad more acidic.

Potato salad recipes with cayenne pepper

If you love your potato salad spicy, cayenne pepper can do the trick. There are many different ways to use cayenne pepper in potato salad, but this is a good place to start. Just keep in mind that your homemade potato salad should be served cold.

Potato salad recipes with red wine vinegar

This is one of those classic potato salad recipes that everyone has, but somehow it never gets enough love. You can never go wrong with a bowl of baked potatoes with a side of red wine vinegar. If you are not a fan of the tangy flavor of red wine vinegar, try adding mayonnaise or Greek yogurt to make your potato salad more likeable.

Potato salad recipes with soy sauce

Another classic that gets missed out on a regular basis is pairing soy sauce with potato salad. It just works and gives the entire dish a unique flavour that you probably haven’t encountered before. Try adding it to your potato salad in place of mayo for a meaty and savory meal.

Potato salad recipes with Worcestershire sauce

Worcestershire sauce is a classic that almost everyone has never tried pairing with potato salad. It’s a great thing to try pairing your potato salad with because it will give your salad a more rich flavor and make it even more tangy.

Potato salad recipes with brown sugar

Brown sugar is an interesting thing to say to a potato salad maker because you normally wouldn’t put it in your salad. But trust us, it needs to be in your potato salad. This is one of those classic potato salad recipes that you should definitely give a try.

Potato salad recipes with Dijon mustard

This one is a no-brainer. Dijon mustard is a perfect match for pork chops and pork tenderloin. It will give your pork chops a nice tangy kick to go along with the rich, smoky flavor of the pork. Try adding it to your potato salad for an extra hit of flavor.

Potato salad recipes with cornflour

This one is for those who like their potato salad a little more savory. Cornflour is just like flour but with a different texture. It is good for making roux and baking, so it is perfect for making a savory, rich and nutritious potato salad.

Potato salad recipes with paprika

This is just an extra kick of flavor that you will never get from any other way. Paprika is a hot and spicy spice that gives your potato salad a firey, hot and spicy taste. Try adding it to your potato salad to give it a warm, spicy flavor that will make your friends and family taste good even after they have eaten your potato salad cold.

Potato salad recipes with cheddar cheese

One can already hear your prayers. Now, you can make these potato salad recipes with cheddar cheese by yourself because you can get rid of the mayo. Cheddar cheese adds a great texture to your potato salad so you get a rich, creamy and cheesy potato salad in one bite.

Potato salad recipes with bacon

The possibilities for potato salad are endless. You can add anything and everything to make your potato salad better. From bacon to chicken to greens, the possibilities are endless. Try adding bacon to your potato salad for an extra savory and smoky hit that will take your potato salad to the next level.

Potato salad recipes with cream

This is a classic that everyone has, and they are all missing out on. Cream is actually a good thing in potato salad because it emulsifies the other ingredients and makes them much more accessible to the tongue. It also makes your potato salad more creamy and smooth.

Potato salad recipes with mayonnaise

Another classic that everyone has and they are missing out on is mayo. It is used in many different dishes like salads and sandwiches and it is also a key player in potato salad. Try using mayo in your potato salad to give it a tangy, full flavored taste.

Potato salad recipes with mustard

You can never go wrong with mustard in potato salad. It gives your potato salad a nice kick and it will bring out the true flavor of the potato. It is also a good thing to pair with pork chops. Try adding mustard and pork chops to your potato salad for a rich, hearty and savory meal.


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